Clinics and Services

We offer all core medical services under the General Medical Services Contract (2004), including child health surveillance, maternity, contraceptive services, cervical screening, childhood immunisations, travel and flu immunisations

Consultations are conducted in English. Dr Le Seve speaks French and Dr Austera speaks Czech. If translation services are required please contact us in advance. We have access to the Sussex Interpreting Service.

Antenatal Clinics

Antenatal clinics are held by the community midwife at Moulsecoomb Health Centre.

Tel: 01273 260010

Please see the New Pregnancy – Schedule of Care document for the clinics content.


All our practice nurses are trained to provide advice on the various forms on contraception available. They are now also trained and able to provide Implanon (contraceptive implants). Please feel free to discuss this with one of our practice nurses in our Rapid Access Clinic.

Please see the attached leaflet for advice and guidance on taking the combined pill.

Coil fitting contraception

Coil fittings available on various afternoons – Please call or speak to reception to book an appointment.

Please see further information for pre IUD and IUS fitting and for post IUD and IUS fitting.

Condoms for Under 25’s

These can be obtained in 2 ways:

Emergency Contraception

You no longer need an appointment to obtain post-coital (“morning after pill”) advice. A number of pharmacies in the Brighton area, including the pharmacy on campus, may be able to provide you with this, without a prescription from us. Please see the pharmacist as soon as possible, but within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. If it is longer than that, other options may be available so it is still worth attending our rapid access clinic for further advice.

Travel Immunisations

Travel immunisations should be booked well in advance of the date of travel. We recommend booking an appointment for these, as time in the rapid access clinics is limited.

There is a charge associated with travel immunisations and the nurse will advise you of these on your initial visit. Payment is in advance and is non-refundable.

Please visit Travax for information on travel vaccinations.

General Immunisations

It is your responsibility to check that your immunisations are up to date, however if you are unsure, and/or you have recently registered with us, we can check what vaccines are listed on our system for you. Please visit the NHS website for general vaccine information.

You should have had 2 MMR vaccinations in your lifetime. If you haven’t (or aren’t sure), we strongly recommend that you come and discuss this with one of our practice nurses. Please visit the NHS website for detailed information about the MMR vaccine.

For further MMR information, please consider the following leaflets:

Childhood Immunisations

Please note, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, as well as combined ‘Twinrix’ type vaccines are nationally in very short supply. This situation is unfortunately out of our control and is ongoing.

For patient advice on what to do if you have to wait for a vaccine, please see Government Guidance.

Please contact reception who will advise on the best time to attend.

The practice follows the national policy for childhood immunisation. Further information can be found on the NHS Immunisation Schedule website.

Mental Health

Please visit our wellbeing centre for advice and support for your mental health. For further guidance please contact the practice.

Exceptional Circumstances

This applies to students studying at the University of Sussex only!

You must be registered with us as a patient, as well as being a student at the Sussex University (this doesn’t cover Brighton University students), for us to process an Exceptional Circumstances form. Please register with us first if you need to.

Exceptional Circumstances submissions – please read before requesting medical certification.

The Sussex University committee that considers claims and treats all information confidentially. If your claim is accepted, lateness penalties may be removed or the opportunity to take an assessment for the full mark may be offered, but existing marks are never altered. Further guidance about the University’s late submissions rules, Exceptional Circumstances, SSU and DSA claims as well as possible outcomes is available from the Student Life Centre.

Medical evidence should be submitted in support of an application for:

  • Late submission of assessment(s) or non-submission of assessment(s).
  • Work submitted on time but reflecting poorer than expected performance caused by ill health.
  • Absence from an unseen examination or other scheduled in-person assessed test.

Please note, you must also have consulted your GP practice during, or immediately after, the illness/incident in question. Claims should only relate to unforeseen short-term illness or accident causing actual incapacity, not minor coughs, colds and everyday stresses. You should not make repeated claims for chronic/ongoing conditions affecting your academic progress. Instead, you should contact the Student Support Unit (SSU). If you are already registered with the SSU and wish to submit a claim relating to an unforeseen/unexpected flare-up of your condition that meets the criteria above, please contact us.

Once you have received the form back from us, please see the information on the University website regarding the rest of the submission process.