Patient Notice

Our doors are open for patients who have been given a specific face to face appointment or have been asked to collect a sample pot (please wear a face covering whilst in the building), do not enter the building unless this is the case. You are able to visit our website or call the Health Centre on 01273 249049 if you have any queries, or wish to make an appointment.

Please be considerate to our staff when entering the Health Centre and use the hand gel provided as well as wearing a mask.

The reception waiting area is limited to 8 people seated; therefore please only sit on the chairs that are made available.

The clinician will call you into their room as soon as they are available, this is normally within a few minutes of your appointment time but there could be a delay if there have been some unforeseen circumstances.

On leaving the practice please be respectful of others whilst passing through the reception area and maintain as much distance as possible.

Thank you for being considerate.