Advice After You Have Had a Coil Fitted

We recommend that you wait for three days after fitting to have sex. This is to reduce the risk of infection.

Also use a sanitary pad for the first three days (avoid tampons).

  • You may experience some prolonged bleeding following insertion and initially you may have some bleeding between your periods.
  • Women’s experiences of pain vary greatly after insertion. You may have no pain or have strong period-like cramps. This may continue for 1-2 days. Paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken. A hot water bottle or heat pad may also help.
  • If you have had a copper coil (IUD) fitted it will be effective immediately.
  • If you have had a Mirena or Kyleena (IUS) fitted on the 1st day of your period you will be protected immediately against pregnancy. If it is fitted at any other time, you will need to use an extra contraceptive method for the first seven days.
  • Please make an appointment for a check-up about 6 weeks after a coil fit.

Changes to your Bleeding Pattern

If you have had a copper coil (IUD) fitted you may notice that your period increases in flow and length.

If you have a Mirena or Kyleena (IUS), it is not unusual to have irregular and unpredictable bleeding during the first 3-6 months. This is rarely heavy and settles with time, and then you may have light, infrequent periods or no bleeding at all.

Checking your Threads

You should check for the threads of your coil once a month or after your period finishes. Gently insert a finger into your vagina and feel for the strings at your cervix. If you are unsure how to locate your threads we are happy to show you.

Expulsion: If you experience any unusual cramps, cannot find the threads, or they feel unusually long, you could be at risk of pregnancy. Use another method of contraception, such as condoms and have a check-up at The Health Centre.

Infection: If you think you may have an infection please seek medical attention.

Symptoms can include:

  • Persistent or worsening lower abdominal pain
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Fever or feeling unwell
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

Pregnancy: Please contact the surgery as soon as possible if you miss a period (copper coils) or think you may be pregnant.

Removal and replacement of coils: Please avoid sex or use condoms for 7 days before having coil removed or changed. Sperm can remain active for up to 7 days, so there is a risk of pregnancy if a coil is removed within that time.