Test Results

This page gives information in relation to tests that were ordered by the medical team at the university health centre. This might include blood tests, swabs, urine samples, cervical smears or imaging (eg. X-rays).

Test results usually come back to us within a week. However, for some tests it take can take up to 3 weeks before we are informed of a result.

If you do not hear from us within this time you can assume that the results were normal or within satisfactory limits.

Please ensure that you have let us know of a change of mobile number, as we will always contact you by text as default if a test result needs following up.

Test results can also be viewed by patients using the NHS app.   Please install this app and ensure it is configured to receive test results. Please visit the Brighton and Hove CCG website for information about the app, how to download it and how to use it on your phone or device.

Once you have successfully installed the app, you would need to ask our reception team to activate the ‘detailed record’ access – this only takes a moment and can be done over the phone or in person. This will then give you the ability to see your test results within the ‘View your GP Health Record’ option and ‘Test Results’.

Please be aware that sometimes, a particular part of a result can often be outside of the “normal” range. This is common and unless we have contacted you about it, you can assume that it is not significant.